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Get a Real Hammond B3 on your song with a professional session player

Steve Burdette

Been playing the Hammond Organ for 50 years and it's true today as is was back then. There is nothing that sounds like the real thing. Why settle for an imitation? Love to work on your song to give it that big Hammond sound.

In 1967, I traded mom's piano for a used Hammond B3. More than 50 years later, there is still nothing that can fake the sound of a real Hammond and a Leslie.

Now you can have that sound professionally recorded on your rock, blues, or country song. I use three microphones on the Leslie to capture the sound of this vintage instrument, the real deal B3/122 set up...not an electronic reproduction or a clone or a plug in.

Nothing can match the sound.  There's a lot of "stuff" that comes close but for the real sound you gotta have the real thing.  If you're serious about your sound, you can hire me as your session player with the set up that's gets you there.

My Music

I've been playing music since I was a kid.  Started on guitar but too many guitar players.  My first organ was an Acetone running through a Silvertone Twin Twelve amp.  I got into recording about 8 years ago with my old friend from the neighborhood and have over 40 songs.  Most of them are published here .  I love rock n' roll and blues, and country rock. 

This is one of my most recent songs.  Hammond solo at 1:56 and lot's of comp and fills. 


Put my tracks on your song

A short video about adding my tracks to your song.....

The story of Hammond and Me

My first real exposure to this magnificent instruments came at a concert where the Young Rascals played at the Memorial Field House. I watched in amazement as Felix Cavaliere used the mighty B3 to shape and transform their music.  I said to myself, "I gotta get me one of those."

When mom and dad came back from vacation and found this beast in the living room, well let's just say it was not a happy time. The used B3 was really used and didn't go with the early American decor of the living room.  And, it took four guys to get it in the house.  How am I gonna get it our of the house?  But as things usually do,  the situation got resolved and soon I was trying to figure out how to sound like Felix instead of how to get out of the house while I was grounded.

The organ was the brainchild of Laurens Hammond, an inventor, around 1935.  The concept came from a clock he'd invented...he wasn't a musician.  Hammond organs generated sound by creating an electric current from a rotating metal tonewheel near an electromagnetic pickup, and then running the sound through an amplifier to drive a speaker cabinet.

The organ was originally sold to churches as a lower-cost alternative to the pipe organ. Once professional jazz musicians started using it, the rest is, as they say, history...EXCEPT....

A guy named Don Leslie who decided to build a speaker for the Hammond that sounded more like a pipe or theatre organ, and figured out that baffles rotating inside a big wooden box worked best. Mr. Hammond, however, was not interested in a partnership, so Leslie sold them himself as an add-on. He built the first speaker in 1941. The sound of the organ was an instant success.  It soon became a "must have" even though Hammond prohibited his dealers from selling it and making the connections very difficult to execute.

How this works

The simple answer is: You send me your song, I'll send you back a Hammond organ track you can download into your DAW.  It usually costs $81.00.

The more detailed answer is, I work with a session service called Airgigs. You should upload the song and any info about it for me to evaluate. Can I play what you want, does the Hammond fit with the song?  If no, no harm no foul. If yes, I may ask you for more information, maybe the backing track in a different configuration.  I'll play the song. 

Once I've finished, or maybe when I have part of it done. I'll send you an MP3 mixed with your backing track for approval. After I've finished and you approve, you'll get three dry wav stems, upper rotor horn track using a Shure SM 57, lower rotor track using a Shure Beta 52, and a room track using a Lewitt LCT 441 so you can blend the individual tracks to suit your taste and recording style.

Price is for a song five minutes or less. I don't cut and paste so if you're more than five minutes, let's talk about it first. I include two revisions, not full replays. If I have to play the whole song over, I don't deserve your business and you can walk away with a full refund and we'll still be friends..

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Satisfied Clients


About half of my clients are repeat customers.  Here's what some of my customers have said. You can read all 115 of the reviews here on Airgigs.

Review By: Houserocker Feb 12, 2024 Steve is not just a talented player with a great sound and sensitivity to the song . He is also incredibly helpful. He doesn’t just go the extra mile , he goes the extra ten , and will do anything to ensure the success of your song . 100% recommended. Thanks Steve .

Review By: Kelly C October, 2023 Simply outstanding person to work with, and immensely talented guy! The work was perfect right off the bat, the feel, timing---everything was spot on. True pro who will enhance any song you are working on! Steve also really helped me out by getting the work done very quickly, great communication throughout the process. Just can't say enough about the work, and I could not recommend anyone more strongly----5 Star without a doubt. Will be working with Steve in the future definitely!!!

Review By: Andrew Mar 10, 2022 Steve always delivers more than I Imagine. Wonderful to work with. Thank you once again!

Review By: Richard Anderson Mar 9, 2022 always a pleasure working with Steve, he is not only a wonderful musician and communicator, but he also CARES and that goes a long way with us....cheers buddy, there will be more :)

Review By: Richard Anderson Feb 14, 2022 Once again some phenomenal playing by Steve on this very special song, if you're after a great muso and communicator that goes that extra mile and really cares about what he's playing on, then Steve is the man for that gig :)

Review By: Scott Paris Feb 12, 2022 These are perfect! Thanks again for the great sound and fast turn around!

Review By: Chris Schatz Jan 12, 2022 Good classic B3 sounds, sweeeet!

Review By: JoeGilbert Nov 5, 2021 Great job! Very fast turn around and Steve kept in touch every step of the way. 5 stars!

Review By: Patrick Holliday Sep 17, 2021 Steve was excellent to work with. Great sounding B3 and great playing! Will use again and definitely suggest his service! High quality, fast output, very professional.

Review By: Dave in Cork Sep 15, 2021 Steve is the real deal and really knows his music -there's absolutely nothing like the sound of a real Hammond..its timeless and in the hands of a master of his craft like Steve it's a fantastic addition to any track....many thanks Steve for being so easy to work with and for your skill and talent.

Review By: Marc Miner Sep 11, 2021 Again a fantastic work on the B3! Thank you so much! Highly recommended!

Review By: Eightdogs AB Aug 28, 2021 Top act! Both playing and working with!

Review By: Sound on Vision Productions French Riviera Jul 10, 2021 Steve delivered another awesome organ track. Again, I would highly recommend him!

Review By: Mike Conway Apr 6, 2021 Fast and spot on, we were going for an old school soul thing that's exactly what we got. Easy to work with, very professional.

Review By: Sound on Vision Productions French Riviera Mar 15, 2021 THE MAN no doubt !! Excellent .

Review By: Marc Miner Mar 14, 2021 Once again a fantastic job! super professional, easy communication, thinks and plays beyond what you're asking for! Great musician and guy! THANK YOU YOU SO MUCH for an awesome performance on my next southern rock release "Girl Gone Bad"! Highly recommended!!

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