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Christmas Again


 Christmas Again

Hammond B3, Piano, Bass Guitar

Lead Vocal, BG Vocal





Steve Burdette

Perry Barton

Sharon Burdette

Justin Lewis

Lucas Fatfoot

Christmas Again By Steve Burdette (ASCAP)


Feels like only yesterday or just a month ago

Santa Clause in every store, houses all aglow

It seems to come much faster now, the years are rushing by

But let me check the date again, it feels like it�s July


So it�s Christmas again ...I can still remember when Didn�t seem to come so fast, another year has passed So it�s Christmas again ...Christmas again


Started shopping weeks ago or maybe it was June

So glad I still have Amazon they�ll come this afternoon

I�d like some time to think about what Christmas really means

But if I stop, it flies right by, just makes me wanna scream



Now don�t get me wrong, I think Christmas is great, it�s my favorite day of the year. When I was a boy, time seemed to stand still, as Christmas morning grew near I just need to catch my breath, is that reindeer that I hear?

Chorus 2

So it�s Christmas again ...but I still remember when It didn�t seem to come so fast � another year has passed So it�s Christmas again�s Christmas again


It�s Christmas already, I just took the lights down How can they be out of trees What�d you mean over the limit, I just paid that off, Did I miss thanksgiving??? There must be something wrong with my calendar


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