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You Can't go wrong with Rock & Roll


 You cant go wrong with rock and roll

Hammond B3, Piano, Bass Guitar

Lead Vocal, BG Vocal

BG Vocal, Percussion





Steve Burdette

Perry Barton

Sharon Burdette

Justin Lewis

The Bright A$$ Horns

Lucas Fatfoot

Words & Music By Steve Burdette (ASCAP)


Your day can get so tangled up with all that�s goin� on It�s why I always start mine out by listening to a song I might play Eric, Mick, or Paul or maybe Booker T But Rock and roll is all I need set my free bird free.


There�s all kinds of music to satisfy your mood You might want some grunge or rap or something more subdued But serve me up some Doobie�s with my coffee and my juice I�ll just turn it up real loud to shake the cobwebs loose


You can�t go wrong with Rock and roll X3


I listened to some Country songs, but couldn�t get the feel And tried to like the modern stuff, it sounded so surreal So I�ll ignore the fads and trends and all the latest styles I�ll just crank the Who and Cream and do it with a smile


You can�t go wrong with Rock and roll X3


I keep hearin� Rock is dead or dying by degrees But I don�t know a lot of folks who say that they agree So I called up some friends and asked what I should play instead And all of them, they told the truth, and this is what they said

Chorus You can�t go wrong with Rock and roll X3

You can�t go wrong You can�t go wrong You can�t go wrong with Rock and roll X3

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