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Good lovin' (cover)


 Good Lovin

Hammond B3, Piano, Bass Guitar

Lead Vocal, BG Vocal

BG Vocal






Steve Burdette

Alex Anders

Heather LeAnn

Sharon Burdette

Steve Burdette

Lucas Fatfoot


Words & Music By Rudy Clark & Arthur Resnick


I was feeling, so bad

I asked my family doctor just what I had

 I said Doctor (Doctor) Mr. M.D. (Doctor) Now can you tell me what's ailing me (Doctor)

He said yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah 

Yes indeed, all I, I really need

Now gimme that good, good lovin'  All I need is love (Good love) Good, good lovin' baby (Good love)


Now honey please, squeeze me tight (Squeeze me tight)

Don't you want your baby to feel alright

I said baby (Baby) Now it's for sure (It's for sure)

I got the fever, yeah And you got the cure (Got the cure)

Everybody yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Yes indeed, all I, I really need

Now come on and gimme that lovin' (Good love)

All I need is lovin' (Good love) Good, good lovin' baby (Good love) All I need is love (Good love) All I want is love (Good love) Lovin' you early in the morning now (Good love) Lovin' you late at night now

-- --

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