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It Changes


It Changes

Hammond B3, Piano, Bass Guitar

Lead Vocal, BG Vocal

BG Vocal, Percussion




Steve Burdette

Alex Anders

Sharon Burdette

Justin Lewis

Lucas Fatfoot

Words & Music By Steve Burdette (ASCAP)


It don't matter what you do, It don't matter what they say, It changes

You can have a brilliant plan, then you seem to lose your way, It changes

Now I figured this would happen, life has been the perfect school

It seems to be so damn hard, I feel like such a fool It changes


You can travel round the world, it don't matter where you been, It changes

You can fight the good fight every day and think you won again, but It changes

The stuff I used to fix me, don't fix me anymore

I'm searchin' round for answers, I should be keepin' score It changes   It changes


You can have the greatest love, think time is on your side, but it changes

The rules you used to follow, and all the things you've tried, It changes

Well I'd like an E for effort but there ain't no letter grade

You'd think that I'd be smarter now with all the dues I paid It changes yes it changes


Tomorrow's gonna come but there ain't no guarantees, It changes

I'm tired of all this fussing cause I ain't no referee, it changes

You can look around and watch it all and think that it's so strange

The only thing I know for sure is something's gonna change It changes It changes


-- --