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Steve Burdette - WannaBe Rock Star

I've loved music since about forever.  In junior high I got together with some friends to form my first garage band.  We were terrible but it didn't matter.  Our first gig was at Lincoln Junior High and we did great, and by great I mean we didn't get booted off the stage and we got paid. 

Steve Burdette

I don't remember a lot of the gigs but I remember one at Beverly Hills Junior High. That night, I learned something else about being in a band.  It was a great way to meet girls and I have two daughters to prove it.  It seems like any Friday or Saturday night that we weren't playing, I was invited to some party at somebody's house.  And yes, I might have met you at one of those parties.

It seems like I played music all through college. 

Now I'd love to tell you that I went on to have a great career as a rock star but that path was not in my future.  I still loved music but it wouldn't pay the bills, especially with a wife and two little girls depending on me. Nope, it was corporate America, Goodyear Tire and Rubber to Western Wireless and a host of other great companies in between. I had a terrific career in business.  And yes, I might have met you at one of those companies.

Steve Burdette

I lived in six or eight different cities, had lots of wonderful experiences.  (OK, show of hands, how many of you have thrown out the first pitch at a MAJOR LEAGUE baseball game).  I also met and married the girl of my dreams. 

When I turned 65, Sharon let me quit work if I had a hobby so I drove to Guitar Center in Orlando and bought a Hammond Organ.  I had guitars and I could plunk around but I played keyboards in many of the bands I was in.  From there it was another Hammond and a Leslie and now I've got lot's of gear.  I knew there must be a way to record this music in the new digital age so I bought some recording gear, hooked up with my friend from high school days, Randy Bishop, and we started making music together.  You'll find all of our music here, www.inception67.com, on Bandcamp, and most of it on our You Tube Channel.

I've had great fun doing this and I owe Randy a huge debt of gratitude for all the things he taught me about writing music and recording it.  But I've had some things to say from time to time that were my own thoughts and ideas I've recorded myself, my "solo" projects, and so I launched this website to give those songs a voice.


I've been a bit of a misfit all my life. A little awkward in social situations, not always sure of what to say, not a lot of friends growing up. This is about that.

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Release Date: 8/12/2022

Cry Just a Little

I was talking to a friend the other day. She was having some difficult things in her life. She told me she wasn't having a meltdown, she just wanted to cry.... just a little.

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Release Date: 5/13/2022

In the Midnight Hour

I love this song and always wondered what it would be like with a female vocal who could tear it up. So this is my cover version of the great Wilson Pickett hit.

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Release Date: 11/20/2018

Long Way Back

Grief is different for everyone. This song tells the story of one person's journey

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Release Date: 9/2/2017
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